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Trusted Heavy-Duty Roadside Recovery

When the expected strikes and you need heavy-duty roadside recovery, look no further than Hawkins Towing. As Greenville, SC’s leading heavy-duty towing and recovery service, there is no job too minor or complex for our trusted team. With an expansive fleet of recovery trucks and time-honored skills, count on our trusted team for your heavy-duty recovery.

Your Guide to Heavy-Duty Recovery



When you need heavy-duty towing and recovery, you may be overwhelmed, scrambling to find a company to cover your recovery needs. Fortunately, Hawkins Towing is your guide with years of experience behind us, offering 24-hour emergency service. Count on us for even the most challenging heavy-duty recovery jobs.


Responsive Heavy-Duty Towing and Recovery

 At Hawkins Towing, we provide full-stack, heavy-duty roadside recovery solutions to accommodate our customers’ diverse needs. Our heavy-duty recovery services include:

  • Heavy-duty winching
  • Heavy-duty towing
  • Off-road recovery
  • Big rig towing
  • Rollovers, wrecks, and accidents
  • Cargo and load shifts and transfers
  • Forklift solutions
  • Mobile loading dock
  • Decking and un-decking
  • And more

Heavy-Duty Recovery Winching

At Hawkins Towing, heavy-duty winching is no match for our dedicated team and advanced equipment. Whether your big rig has slipped off the roadside or your RV is trapped in the snow, we have you covered with the following solutions:

  • Bus and RV winching
  • Semi-truck winching
  • Low bridge semi-truck winching
  • Jackknife winching
  • Off-road winching
  • Underwater winching
  • Sunken tractor-trailer winching

Types of Vehicles Handled by Our Heavy-Duty Recovery Service

At Hawkins Towing, our heavy-duty towing recovery solutions span far beyond traditional heavy-duty truck recovery. We understand that many large-scale vehicles demand specialized service equipped with advanced equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently, including:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Buses and coaches
  • Special equipment and machinery
  • Specialized vehicles
  • Military equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • And more

The Importance of Heavy-Duty Recovery

Heavy-duty recovery services are instrumental. With South Carolina’s booming industrial sector, up-and-coming construction sites, and thriving transportation network, heavy-duty recovery becomes vital when accidents and breakdowns happen. Without our assistance, heavy-duty vehicle mishaps can lead to prolonged operational delays, road closures, and immense traffic that affects the flow of our South Carolina roadways.

Our Heavy-Duty Recovery Process

We take pride in timely service and maximum efficiency. We follow a strict process that begins the moment you contact us. Our dispatch team takes your call and collects as much information as possible to assess the most effective course of action. We then deploy trusted professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to your heavy-duty roadside recovery site to do the job correctly.

Leading Heavy-Duty Recovery with Safety

When it comes to heavy-duty towing and recovery, safety is paramount. We adhere to rigorous safety standards at Hawkins Towing, implementing strict safety protocols throughout each job. Using our cutting-edge heavy-duty equipment and time-honored knowledge, we execute our recovery services with the utmost precision to ensure your vehicle and cargo remain intact and secure.

Versatile Solutions for All Your Towing and Recovery Needs

Hawkins Towing is here to provide you with honest and dependable roadside assistance. Leading with your safety and well-being at the forefront of all we do, we provide an array of versatile towing and recovery solutions. We have you covered from load shift assistance to mobile welding and emergency 24-hour towing.

Secure Heavy-Duty Towing and Recovery Today

Since 1999, Hawkins Towing has been South Carolina’s leading heavy-duty towing and recovery provider. From small to large-scale towing and recovery needs, our highly experienced professionals are backed by a wealth of training that enables us to perform exceptional work. Count on us for timely and dependable service that brings you a safe resolution. From wrecks to breakdowns and everything in between, you need Hawkins Towing when you need heavy-duty roadside assistance. Get the trusted service you need to eliminate operational hurdles and get you back on the road safely and efficiently. Contact us today to secure your heavy-duty towing and recovery.

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